Gaining Respect Openness & Wellness

GROW is an initiative to provide support to those suffering from eating disorders and to increase knowledge of eating disorders amongst the general public in the hopes of diminishing myths, stereotypes, and ignorance concerning the issue.

Many people with eating disorders feel very alone. They may completely isolate, or the may find solace through networking sites. My hope is that we may be able to reach out beyond this website - to discover ways to provide tangible contact to others through mail, groups, calls, etcetera. Sufferers need to know that they are not alone and that people DO care!

In the world outside of eating disorders, the illnesses are highly misunderstood.

"Anorectics don't eat."
"You don't LOOK like you have an eating disorder."
"Guys don't get eating disorders."
"People who binge eat are just lazy."
"It's just about food and looking thinner."

These are just a few of the myths that can be diminished with kindness and knowledge on the subject of eating disorders. I feel that it is important to bring this information to the general public, family, and friends, so that eating disorders are better understood and have a higher chance of decreasing.

It's time to GROW. Are you ready?